Movies I Watch


(500) Days of Summer2009Marc WebbThe funniest part is where they discuss how Octopus Garden is the best The Beatles song.3Indifferent
10 Cloverfield Lane2016Dan TrachtenbergA lot better than its predecessor, than again if you saw the predecessor, the mystery of the movie is gone.4Like it
101 Dalmatians1996Stephen HerekThey adopted a hundred and one dogs, crazy cat ladies got nothing on these people.2Don't like it
102 Dalmatians2000Kevin LimaThere are 102 Dalmatians now, get it? Because it's a sequel and instead of naming it 101 Dalmatians 2, it’s 102 Dalmatians. That's some A tier creativity.2Don't like it
12 Years a Slave2013Steve McQueenNo, it's not a movie about school.4Like it
127 Hours2010Danny BoyleWhenever I watch movies like this I try to imagine how quickly I would die, if I ended up in the situation like the main character.4Like it
21 Jump Street2012Phil Lord,
Christopher Miller
A couple of thirty-year olds pretend to be teenagers and everybody takes the bait. K.2Don't like it
27 Dresses2008Anne FletcherWhat the f*** am I doing with my life?2Don't like it
3 Men and a Baby1987Leonard NimoySurprisingly this movie was a big commercial success, proving that even if you make something awful you can still make money out of it.2Don't like it
3 Men and a Little Lady1990Emile ArdolinoWhat do you do when you make crap that makes whole load of money? Make a sequel that's even worse of course.2Don't like it
3002006Zack SnyderIngredients: 70% - CGI, 29% - pecks and biceps, 1% - whatever else goes into making a decent movie.2Don't like it
3:10 to Yuma2007James MangoldBack in the old west dental hygiene was a top priority for the people.4Like it
50/502011Jonathan LevineDoes Seth Rogen even act or does he just wonder into the set of a movie and everybody ignores that and allows him to be himself in front of the camera?3Indifferent
6th Day, The2000Roger SpottiswoodeI think even Arnold Schwarzenegger has already forgotten that this movie exists.2Don't like it
8MM1999Joel SchumacherInteresting concept, but in the end it's just another Nicolas Cage's type of movie.2Don't like it
8.51963Federico FelliniWidely considered to be one of the greatest movie ever made and for good reason.4Like it
8 Mile2002Curtis HansonApparently this is not Eminem's biography.4Like it
A-Team, The2010Joe CarnahanThey tried to make a movie with over the top action and somehow still managed to end up with a boring ass film.2Don't like it
Abduction2011John SingletonI'm still confused. Is this supposed to be comedy? Because it sure feels like a big joke.2Don't like it
About Schmidt2002Alexander PayneA rear case where Jack Nicholson plays an ordinary man and not a person with psychotic tendencies.4Like it
About Time2013Richard CurtisThe most boring use of time traveling abilities in movie history. It's like using your superpowers to go back in time only when you overcook your eggs.2Don't like it
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 1994Tom ShadyacIncredibly stupid, but why the hell do I like this so much.4Like it
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls1995Steve OedekerkEqually as stupid as it's predecessor and I still equally enjoy this.4Like it
Adaptation.2002Spike JonzeTwice as much Nicolas Cage fun.4Like it
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The1994Stephan ElliottI learned that no drag queen show is a real show without a number with I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor playing in the background3Indifferent
Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938Michael Curtiz,
William Keighley
A movie that beats all the other Robin Hood movies by a margin.4Like it
African Queen, The1951John Huston"Hey, I have an idea: let's ram this boat into Germans war ship, that'll be fun" - the plot of this movie.4Like it
Airplane!1980Jim Abrahams,
David Zucker,
Jerry Zucker
The granddaddy of its genre that opened the way for parody films. Without a doubt one of the greatest and funniest comedies ever.5Love it
Airplane II: The Sequel1982Ken FinklemanThey used all of their jokes on the first movie so they were left with none for this useless and unnecessary sequel.2Don't like it
Akira1988Katsuhiro OtomoHow is it humanly possible to draw and animate something as good as this movie is beyond me.5Love it
Aladdin1992Ron Clements,
John Musker
A family cartoon where a bum wants to marry a fourteen-year old.4Like it
Ali G Indahouse2002Mark MylodAli G's show was good, the movie not so much.3Indifferent
Alice in Wonderland1951Clyde Geronimi,
Wilfred Jackson,
Hamilton Luske
I can almost hear Jefferson Airplane playing in the background.3Indifferent
Alien1979Ridley ScottOne of the first horror movies I've seen and still one of the best.5Love it
Aliens1986James CameronThey shifted from horror genre to a more action oriented movie and somehow still managed to create an almost equally good movie.4Like it
All About Eve1950Joseph L. MankiewiczFull title "All About Even Being an Asshole".4Like it
All Quiet on the Western Front1930Lewis MilestoneThis movie is so old, that author of the book this movie was based on E. M. Remarque was still a young man. But don't get fooled it's an outstanding movie.4Like it
Amadeus1984Miloš FormanWith the name Amadeus and all the historical figures in the movie you would think it's an actual biography of Mozart. Nope, most of the movie is based on fiction.5Love it
American Beauty1999Sam MendesThere was no beauty, only depression, family feud and murder.4Like it
American Gangster 2007Ridley ScottI wonder why nobody uses word mobster instead of gangster in the movies.4Like it
American History X1995Tony KayeFor a movie called American History X you wouldn't think you'll see as many swastikas.4Like it
American Ninja1985Sam FirstenbergI never laughed so hard while watching a movie. The problems are: 1. it’s not supposed to be funny; 2. you have to have somebody to watch it with in order for it to be funny; 3. alcohol has to be involved.1Hate it
American Pie1999Paul Weitz,
Chris Weitz
"Hehehe" - nobody watching this movie.2Don't like it
American Wedding2003Jesse DylanI don't know why I bothered watching another American Pie movie after suffering through the first one.2Don't like it
Amores Perros2000Alejandro González IñárrituI like the fact that the production crew got robbed on multiple occasions by street gangs while filming the movie in the streets. Apparently movie making in Mexico is their version of wild west.4Like it
Anatomy of a Murder1959Otto PremingerNow I need the poster of this movie.4Like it
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy2004Adam McKaySurprisingly it's funnier than I expected. 3Indifferent
Animal Farm1954Joy Batchelor,
John Halas
Let's create an animated movie about the animals that looks like a Disney cartoon, but make it only for an adults, because, you know, it’s based on a book that mocks Soviet Union. That'll surely won't make anyone confused.4Like it
Année Dernière à Marienbad, La1961Alain ResnaisMan… if you'd watch this movie while high on pseudoephedrine, it would make a lot more sense.3Indifferent
Annie Hall1977Woody AllenWhen I saw it for the first time I straight up thought this was a sequel to Manhattan (or Manhattan was a prequel if you prefer).4Like it
Argo2012Ben Affleck"See Matt, I told you I can make a movie without your help and it's sooooo much better than Good Will Hunting" - Ben.4Like it
Armageddon 1998Michael BayIf there is one thing proving there's someone out there punishing us for our sins, this is it.1Hate it
Around the World in 80 Days2004Frank CoraciI bet this is how it went down in the book too. Yup.2Don't like it
Arrival2016Denis Villeneuve'Listen listen, I have an idea… Space Cthulhu' - someone who came up with an idea for this movie.4Like it
Arsenic and Old Lace1944Frank CapraWell well well, if it isn't the most chaotic comedy of the 40s.4Like it
Arthur Christmas2011Sarah Smith,
Barry Cook
Not that good of a movie, but since it's a Christmas movie, and I like Christmas, I'll give this one a pass.4Like it
Artificial Intelligence: AI2001Steven SpielbergKubrick + Spielberg = This Movie. You wouldn't think this formula would be possible but it is.3Indifferent
Artist2011Michel HazanaviciusThere is one scene with a sound, so technically it's not a silent movie, but a very very very very very quite film.4Like it
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The2007Andrew DominikGee I wonder what this movie is about, the title doesn't tell you much.4Like it
Assassins 1995Richard DonnerAs a kid I liked this movie… as a kid.2Don't like it
August Rush2007Kirsten SheridanThis is a touching story of a kid who happened to be music genius. Here is a summary of his grueling journey to becoming guitar virtuoso: He saw a guitar for the first time in his life, he took the guitar, he laid his fingers on the strings, he's already guitar genius.1Hate it
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery1997Jay RoachThis is what we have in the 90s as a cult classic comedy.3Indifferent
Avatar2009James CameronBlue weasel men fight with their sticks with an aid of local animals against human possessing super advanced mech weapons and win.2Don't like it
Aviator, The2004Martin ScorseseThis year's The Most Ironic Movie Scene Award goes to The Aviator, for recreating a scene of 74 years old (at the time) movie, all with the help of CGI and still managing to make it look a hundred times worse than its original source material that was made 3/4 century ago.4Like it
Babe1995Chris NoonanYou wouldn't think a movie like this would actually work, but it does, it's a great movie.4Like it
Babe: Pig in the City1998George MillerAfter the critical and financial success of the first movie the creators noticed that it was missing one crucial ingredient - monkeys.3Indifferent
Baby Mama2008Michael McCullersI have absolutely nothing to say about this movie, every time I see it on this list I have to go on the internet to look it up, that's how forgettable it is.2Don't like it
Baby's Day Out1994Patrick Read JohnsonThree grown man has trouble catching a baby who can't even walk yet. That's literally the plot of the movie.1Hate it
Back to the Future1985Robert ZemeckisTeenager goes 30 years back in time, where his mom tries to bang him.5Love it
Back to the Future Part II1989Robert ZemeckisThey go to the future to... change future. That's the best excuses they could’ve come up with for going forward in time.4Like it
Back to the Future Part III1990Robert ZemeckisYeah, I wish I was watching a real Clint Eastwood movie instead.3Indifferent
Badlands1973Terrence MalickDon't worry folks she was actually 24 years old.4Like it
Bandits2001Barry LevinsonYou know what’s the most difficult part in making movie/game/book? Coming up with the good title.3Indifferent
BASEketball1998David ZuckerIs this movie awful? Yes. Is my view on this movie distorted by the fact I'm huge South Park fan and creators of the show Trey Parker & Matt Stone play main roles in this movie? Also yes.3Indifferent
Batman & Robin1997Joel SchumacherA movie that made Bat-Credit Card canon.1Hate it
Batman Begins 2005Christopher NolanAh mid-10s, a time when every series or franchise suddenly had a need for an origin story.4Like it
Batman Forever1995Joel SchumacherBatman Never Again is a more suiting name.2Don't like it
Batman Returns1992Tim BurtonWho the hell calls themselves Penguin? That sure is a threatening name for a villain. Here are some more for consideration: Dandelion, Dr. Wuss, Cupcake - The Terror of the Night.4Like it
Battaglia di Algeri, La1966Gillo PontecorvoAn important part of France & Algeria history written and directed by Italians. Wait what…4Like it
Bean1997Mel SmithAnother example of unsuccessful transition from TV show to movie.2Don't like it
Beat the Devil1953John HustonMaybe I wouldn't needed subtitles if Humphrey Bogart wouldn’t speak like he has a locked jaw.4Like it
Beautiful Mind, A2001Ron HowardNarrator voice: and yet his mind wasn't that beautiful. In fact it was pretty f'ed up.4Like it
Beauty and the Beast1991Gary Trousdale,
Kirk Wise
Probably the first and the only Disney movie featuring character with a Stockholm syndrome.4Like it
Beaver, The2011Jodie FosterAn hour and a half of I can't believe this is actually happening.3Indifferent
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America1996Mike JudgeBeavis and Butt-Head still remains, for me personally, the embodiment of the 90s.4Like it
Bedazzled2000Harold RamisLet's do a lousy remake of already lousy movie from the 60s.2Don't like it
Bedtime Stories2008Adam ShankmanIt's Adam Sandler movie. Enough said.2Don't like it
Bee Movie2007Simon J. Smith,
Steve Hickner
All the memes on the Internet are there for a reason you know.1Hate it
Beethoven1992Brian LevantThe biggest desecration of a person's name in human history.1Hate it
Beethoven's 2nd1993Rod DanielWell… I mean... there are puppies in the movie. That's about it.1Hate it
Beetlejuice1988Tim BurtonI got to say this is without a doubt one of the weirdest movies I've seen as a kid.3Indifferent
Before Sunrise1995Richard LinklaterDialogue the movie.3Indifferent
Before Sunset2004Richard LinklaterMan, books don’t have as many words as this movie.3Indifferent
Beowulf2007Robert ZemeckisBeowulf The Video Game The Movie3Indifferent
Ben-Hur1959William WylerTagline reads "A tale of the Christ", even though Jesus Christ is on the screen for like a total of one minute. He's also mentioned a few times, so there's that.4Like it
Best in Show2000Christopher GuestI literally forgot I watched this movie about 30 minutes after watching it.3Indifferent
Best Years of Our Lives, The1946William WylerIt was the "blurst" years of our lives you stupid monkey.4Like it
Beverly Hillbillies, The1993Penelope SpheerisWhy the hell everything related to Beverly Hills is so god awful.1Hate it
Beverly Hills Chihuahua2008Raja GosnellDogs = good. Movie with talking dogs =/= good.1Hate it
Beverly Hills Cop1984Martin BrestYeah This Would Never Happen in Real Life the Movie.3Indifferent
Bicentennial Man1999Chris ColumbusWow that robot looked just like Robin Williams. What a coincidence.3Indifferent
Big Eyes2014Tim BurtonSo Walter Keane was 50s equivalent of eBaum's World4Like it
Big Fish2003Tim BurtonWhen I first saw this movie it instantly became one of my favorites, but now I see I was blinded by its sparkles a bit. Still like it a lot.4Like it
Big Heat, The1953Fritz LangDamn, do I enjoy a good film-noir.4Like it
Big Hero 62014Don Hall,
Chris Williams
See that kids, you can make an ultimate weapon in your garage in like 7 days if you just have some who can say "I'm not giving up on you".4Like it
Big Lebowski, The1998Joel CoenA movie that started a religion called The Church of the Latter-Day Dude. I'm not even joking.4Like it
Big Momma's House2000Raja GosnellOh how I wish a memory erasing machine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would actually exist, so I could erase every bit of recollection I have of this movie.1Hate it
Big Stan2007Rob SchneiderRob Schneider and abysmal movies goes as well as peanut butter and jelly.1Hate it
Big Year, The2011David FrankelApparently there is birdwatching competition where you try to spot as many different kind of birds as possible throughout the year. How do you prove that you saw one bird or another? By telling that you did.4Like it
Billy Elliot2000Stephen DaldryBeing a boy ballet dancer probably leads to tough school years.4Like it
Billy Liar1963John SchlesingerThe dude's either a pathological liar or he's constantly on shrooms or something.3Indifferent
Billy Madison 1995Tamra DavisA shit-stain on the wall has a bigger artistic merit than this sorry excuse of a movie.1Hate it
Bird on a Wire1990John BadhamIf have an urge to witness Gibson’s hairy ass this is the movie for you.2Don't like it
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)2014Alejandro G. IñárrituBirdman is an appropriate name since I felt like I was high while watching it.4Like it
Birds, The1963Alfred HitchcockA movie that paved the way for a significantly superior Birdemic: Shock and Terror.4Like it
Black Knight2001Gil JungerYou would imagine a story of a black man appearing in 14th century England would end up differently. BECAUSE IT'S MEDIEVAL TIMES!2Don't like it
Black Swan2010Darren AronofskyWho would've thought ballet and hallucinogenic drugs would mix so well.4Like it
Blade1998Stephen NorringtonDoes anyone remember Wesley Snipes? He was a big start in the 90s. What is he up to these days?2Don't like it
Blade Runner 1982Ridley ScottIt is 2019 when I'm writing this… So where are the space ships, flying cars and replicants? All this movie gave me was false hopes.5Love it
Blades of Glory2007Josh Gordon,
Will Speck
2 directors and five… FIVE writers worked on this. And it shows. Mhm, it really shows. 2Don't like it
Blair Witch Project, The1999Daniel Myrick,
Eduardo Sánchez
What you don't see is a lot scarier than what you do - and this movie is prime example of it. It manages to possess one of the most chilling endings to any horror movie without showing anything at all.4Like it
Blank Check1994Rupert WainwrightNaturally, the first thing a kid with a million would buy is a castle house.2Don't like it
Blast from the Past1999Hugh WilsonWhat are you doing Christopher Walken? You don't belong here.2Don't like it
Blazing Saddles1974Mel BrooksBack when Mel Brooks was da shiet.4Like it
Blind Side, The2009John Lee HancockDamn, the dude's so huge he must've his one blind side.3Indifferent
Blood Diamond2006Edward ZwickDon't forget it's watered down sequel Bruised Zircon.4Like it
Bloodsport1988Newt ArnoldTrash, but at least it's an entertaining trash.3Indifferent
Blow2001Ted DemmeThis movie blows... Get it? Hurr durr durr… Nah, it's actually pretty mediocare.3Indifferent
Blue Jasmine2013Woody AllenWell that was depressing.4Like it
Blue Streak1999Les MayfieldWithout looking on the Internet I wouldn't have guessed this was supposed to be comedy.2Don't like it
Blue Velvet1986David LynchWhat the fuck?4Like it
Bodyguard, The1992Mick JacksonThis got to be number 1 movie of the 90s with the biggest gap between the money it made and its quality. Also, the soundtrack of the movie is the 5th best-selling album of all time. What the heck happened in 1992?2Don't like it
Bohemian Rhapsody2018Bryan SingerI'm still waiting the origin story of Smash Mouth called All Star.4Like it
Bolt2008Byron Howard,
Chris Williams
Wait this animated movie cost $150,000,000 to make and that's the best they could've come up with?3Indifferent
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan2006Larry CharlesIt's Just a Prank Bro the Movie.4Like it
Bourne Identity, The2002Doug LimanSee, you don't have to save Matt Damon all the time, sometime he can take care of himself.3Indifferent
Bourne Supremacy, The2004Paul GreengrassCue to play Around the World by Daft Punk.3Indifferent
Bourne Ultimatum, The2007Paul GreengrassAs always they save all the good stuff for the last entry in the trilogy.4Like it
Boxtrolls, The2014Graham Annable,
Anthony Stacchi
That's some mess of a cartoon.2Don't like it
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The2008Mark HermanI don't think those were pajamas.4Like it
Boyhood2014Richard LinklaterThey filmed this movie for 12 years? I can't stay focused on one project for more than few weeks.4Like it
Boyz n the Hood1991John SingletonActing depute of Ice Cube who plays Ice Cube.4Like it
Brave2012Mark Andrews,
Brenda Chapman,
Steve Purcell
All I can say is - it's not as bad as Cars 2.4Like it
Bravehart1995Mel GibsonYou can end the world hunger with all the cheesiness in the movie.3Indifferent
Breakfast Club, The1985John HughesThat's not what I expected from breakfast club. In fact there wasn't even any breakfast.4Like it
Brewster's Millions1985Walter HillI mean there were still a lot of loopholes he could've used.3Indifferent
Bride of Frankenstein1935James WhaleThey weren't married so technically it's Mistress of Frankenstein.4Like it
Brief Encounter1945David LeanWow what a cheating bastards.4Like it
Bridge on the River Kwai, The1957David LeanDid they really claim British were more organized and disciplined than Japanese? Pfft, yeah ok.4Like it
Brokeback Mountain 2005Ang LeeThis is gay.4Like it
Brother Bear2003Aaron Blaise,
Robert Walker
25 people were credited working on the script and this is the best they could've come up with? It feels more like a collective defecation rather than a script.2Don't like it
Brothers Grimm, The2005Terry GilliamI'm certain this is not biographical movie.3Indifferent
Bruce Almighty2003Tom ShadyacOh come one, he has godly powers and uses them to have a fresh coffee and undress quickly.3Indifferent
Brüno2009Larry CharlesA deformed cousin of Borat.3Indifferent
Beau Travail1999Claire DenisThe movie has less dialogue than a dinner party of monks who took vows of silence.4Like it
Bucket List, The2007Rob ReinerThe only entry in my bucket list is eating 20 chili dogs in one sitting.4Like it
Bug's Life, A1998John Lasseter,
Andrew Stanton
Why the hell the caterpillar is German? How does this world works?4Like it
Bulletproof1996Ernest R. DickersonNo thank you I have already vomited today.2Don't like it
Buono, il Crutto, il Cattivo, Il1966Sergio LeoneAhh yiss, the boss of western movies, a must see even for those who are not a western fans.5Love it
'Burbs, The1989Joe DanteA fun 80s movie, nothing more than that.4Like it
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969George Roy HillSo they already had pop ballads in the early 1900s? Interesting.4Like it
Butterfly Effect, The2004Eric Bress,
J. Mackye Gruber
I wish I could go back in time and fix my mistakes. Like that time I forgot my sunglasses in a public restroom. I still think about you buddy. Every day.3Indifferent
Butterfly Effect 2, The2006John R. LeonettiWow... The original wasn't that good, but this sequel hits all new low of boring.1Hate it
Cabin in the Woods, The2011Drew GoddardI get that they make fun of all the horror movie clichés, but that alone doesn’t make the movie good.3Indifferent
Campaign, The2012Jay RoachWatching a real political campaign is a hundred times more hilarious than this movie.2Don't like it
Cape Fear1991Martin ScorseseGood movie, but I like The Simpsons version better4Like it
Carrie1976Brian De PalmaImagine having telekinetic powers. You wouldn't have to get up to get something from the fridge ever again. What a life.4Like it
Cars2006John Lasseter,
Joe Ranft
How are the other cars produced in this world? Do cars give birth to other cars? Or maybe they lay eggs? Do cars assemble other cars in factories? The world needs to know.3Indifferent
Cars 22011John LasseterWho thought that out of all Pixar movies Cars is the most deserving of the sequel? That person is a madman.2Don't like it
Casino1995Martin ScorseseAre you trying to tell me this is not a sequel to Goodfellas?4Like it
Casino Royale2006Martin CampbellAfter decades of misery James Bond franchise comes back to being good again.4Like it
Casper1995Brad SilberlingHow is Casper a successful franchise is beyond me. Everything related to it seems like shiat, including this movie.2Don't like it
Cast Away2000Robert ZemeckisWilson was the real star of the movie, he is truly missed.4Like it
Celtic Pride1996Tom DeCerchioBoston Celtics of '96 in the NBA finals is as plausible as meeting a sober Irishman on St. Patrick’s day.3Indifferent
Central do Brasil1998Walter SallesI learned that in Brazil you can get the money to buy a new TV by simply selling a kid for organs.4Like it
Changeling2008Clint EastwoodWell the police did find the missing boy. Maybe it wasn't the one she lost, but it's better than nothing, sheesh.4Like it
Change-Up, The2011David DobkinThroughout a movie I wished I could change places with a blind man.1Hate it
Charlotte's Web2006Gary WinickAccording to this movie (or a book it was based on, if you prefer) spiders follow the trends in human society while naming their children.4Like it
Cheaper by the Dozen2003Shawn LevyOriginally it was supposed to be about Ugandan family.2Don't like it
Chef2014Jon FavreauThe lack of chocolate salty balls in the movie disturbs me.4Like it
Chicago2002Rob MarshallFor a movie called Chicago the body count is pretty tame.3Indifferent
Chicken Run2000Peter Lord,
Nick Park
A movie that made me realise the origin of the word 'cocktail'.4Like it
Children of Men 2006Alfonso CuarónWhile watching this I kept thinking how horrible of a period it must've been for contraceptive industry.4Like it
Chocolat2000Lasse HallströmHow good is her goddamn chocolate if it makes people fall into tears after tasting it.4Like it
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The2005Andrew AdamsonFavorite part: when children meet Santa Claus and he gives them deadly weapons as a gifts.3Indifferent
Cidade de Deus2002Fernando Meirelles,
Kátia Lund
Is there a movie about Brazil without at least on criminal act involved in it?4Like it
Cinderella1950Clyde Geronimi,
Wilfred Jackson,
Hamilton Luske
I can't think of a lot of movies with a schizophrenic numb nut as a main character.3Indifferent
Clerks1994Kevin SmithThe most basic good movie in existence.4Like it
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977Steven SpielbergWhat's with the Spielberg’s obsession with the aliens?4Like it
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs2009A communist version would be a lot more boring - this movie minus all the food.4Like it
Cloverfield2008Who the hell keeps filming while trying to save their sorry ass?2Don't like it
Cobra1986Well, here it's - the perfect representation of what 80s action movies are like.3Indifferent
Coco avant Chanel2009What is this? I thought this was supposed to be about singing skeletons.4Like it
Cocoon1985What the hell are those cocoons made of?3Indifferent
Cold Mountain2003It almost feels like a good movie on the surface, but down below it's just a cheap love story.3Indifferent
Commando1985Killing everybody and giving cheesy one-liners afterwards, that's the spirit of the 80s action movies.3Indifferent
Condemned, The2007WWE films are as believable as their wrestling matches.2Don't like it
Conjuring, The2013Poor man's version of The Exorcist.4Like it
Conversation, The1974I'll be honest: I like this Francis Ford Coppola's movie better than The Godfather. You are now allowed to raise your pitchforks and light your torches.5Love it
Cool Hand Luke 1967I thought this movie was supposed to be about a man, named Luke, on a search for perfect pair of warm gloves. I was close, but not really.4Like it
Cool Runnings1993They didn't include the part where they retired and did all of those beer commercials? Bummer.3Indifferent
Cool World1992As a kid I never realised how bad interactions between real world and cartoon characters really look in this movie.2Don't like it
Couples Retreat2009Why I torture myself with these bland, boring, run-of-the-mill comedies.2Don't like it
Crash2004If movies could have human personalities this one would be a drama queen.4Like it
Crimes and Misdemeanors1989It's Woody Allen movie with Woody Allen in it. Does Woody Allen play Woody Allen? Yes, Woody Allen does play Woody Allen.4Like it
Croods, The2013Even animated movies Nicolas Cage chooses to star in are subpar.2Don't like it
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The2008Ironically not that many people were curious about Benjamin Button's case, which in fact was curiosity indulging.4Like it
Dallas Buyers Club 2013Dallas Roberts stars in the movie, though it's not his buyers club.4Like it
Dan in Real Life2007A movie that will surely won't surprise you in any shape or form.3Indifferent
Dance Flick2009These Scary Movie type of movies became desperate really quickly.1Hate it
Dances with Wolves1990I was promised a movie where, I presume, Kevin Costner asks a wolf out for a dance and yet there wasn't a single waltz.3Indifferent
Danny Collins2015There's too much family drama and not enough John Lennon.3Indifferent
Dante's Peak 1997You'll be sitting through this one begging for a volcano to erupt as quickly as possible.3Indifferent
Daredevil2003You'll be wishing you were Daredevil yourself while watching this movie. I'm not talking about the superhero stuff, I'm referring to blindness part.2Don't like it
Dark Knight, The2008A movie that promoted my interest in superhero movies, even if it was for a very very short period of time.4Like it
Date Movie2006A movie that'll make you contemplate a positive effects of total annihilation of mankin.1Hate it
Date Night2010Shawn LevyWhat this movie does outstandingly is it goes from being funny to ridiculous and bland in a mere seconds.3Indifferent
Day the Earth Stood Still, The1951Robert WiseYou can't fool me alien, you 'menacing' robot is made of foam. Checkmate!4Like it
Days of Heaven1978Terrence MalickSee, Richard Gere starred in the other movies as well. He's not just that guy from Pretty Woman.4Like it
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid1982Carl ReinerIt sure is original I'll give it that. I've never seen a movie done like that.4Like it
Dead Poets Society1989Peter WeirWas the title of the movie also a foreshadow?4Like it
Death Becomes Her1992Robert ZemeckisAt least special effects at the time were mindblowing.3Indifferent
Deck the Halls 2006John WhitesellEverything that happens in this movie doesn't make any logical sense, it's a behemoth of nonsense.1Hate it
Deer Hunter, The1978Michael CiminoI pronounce my official cathphrase From here on out will be 'di di mau'.4Like it
Delivery Man 2013Ken ScottI can see some perks in having 500 children, who are already grown up.3Indifferent
Demolition Man1993Marco BrambillaSylvester Stallone has stated, in interviews, that the idea behind the three seashells was that two were used like chopsticks or to clamp together to pull waste out of the body and the third was used to scrape what was left over. No explanation was made about how they were to be cleaned or sanitized between uses' - well here is your answer people.3Indifferent
Dennis the Menace1993Nick CastleSuch an obvious try to cash in on a success of Home Alone that it hurts.2Don't like it
Departed, The2006Martin ScorseseIt's good but it needs more meatball sauce.4Like it
Descendants, The2011Alexander PayneWhy couldn't I inherit something that's worth millions of dollars? Damn poor ancestors.4Like it
Despicable Me2010Pierre Coffin,
Chris Renaud
Did they explained how does those minions reproduce? Or where did they come from?3Indifferent
Despicable Me 22013Chris Renaud,
Pierre Coffin
Well, he is not as despicable anymore, so the title is misleading.3Indifferent
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo1999I'm boggled by the fact that even movie like this had a Matrix sketch. You know, because it was late 90s and Matrix was the shiat.2Don't like it
Devil Wears Prada, The2006David FrankelWhat an asshole! You know who I'm talking about.3Indifferent
Devil's Advocate, The1997Taylor HackfordMovie where Al Pacino plays himself.3Indifferent
Diaboliques, Les1955Might just be my favorite European movie.5Love it
Dial M for Murder1954Alfred HitchcockDial M? So just dial 6? This makes no sense.5Love it
Dictator, The2012Larry CharlesNot a Borat that's for sure, but it has its moments.3Indifferent
Die Hard1988John McTiernanWait, this movie is actually an adaptation of a novel? Fo' real?4Like it
Die Hard 21990Renny HarlinFor me Die Hard 2 is The Temple of Doom of original Die Hard trilogy.3Indifferent
Die Hard: With a Vengeance1995It's straight up 2 hours of none stop action, almost from the first minute.4Like it
Dinner for Schmucks2010Jay RoachThis movie is an embarrassment on its own.2Don't like it
Disaster Movie2008This has to be the most accurate movie title in the history of cinema. Also, the only movie title that's also a review of the same movie.1Hate it
Disturbia2007"Hey I just saw this movie called Rear Window, let's make a movie like that, but a lot shitier" - creator of Disturbia.2Don't like it
Do the Right Thing1989Spike LeeI have the feeling some of the people didn't do the right thing.4Like it
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story2004Rawson Marshall ThurberPlaying an actual dodgeball would be a lot more fun that sitting through this rubbish.2Don't like it
Dog Day Afternoon1975Sidney LumetAnother classic that just for some reason didn't click with me.3Indifferent
Don Jon2013Joseph Gordon-LevittA movie about a guy who likes porn. I say that's a dude with a pretty unique likings.2Don't like it
Donnie Brasco1997I got nothing to say about this movie probably because I was a bit drunk when I watched it.4Like it
Donnie Darko 2001Richard KellyLoved it the first time I saw it, but haven't watched it since, who knows maybe it didn't hold up that well.5Love it
Down Periscope1996This is just Police Academy with the submarines. It's also just as 'good'.2Don't like it
Dr. Dolittle1998Apparently in the 90s Eddie Murphy decided to start acting in remakes of already mediocre movies from the 60s.2Don't like it
Dr. Dolittle 22001Yes, the first Dr. Dolittle was awful, but it made tons of money and you know what that means in Hollywoodian language.1Hate it
Dr. No1962Back when James Bond movie weren't as serious, but so much more adventorous.4Like it
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!20082Don't like it
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax20122Don't like it
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb19644Like it
Dracula1931I know this movie is considered one of the biggest classics of horror movies, but boy is it disappointing. I thought it was supposed to be at the level of 1931 Frankenstein, after all it was made the same year by the same studio. But Dracula is nothing like Frankenstein. It's slow, horribly edited, the writing is so poor sometimes its inches away from becoming an "Ed Wood movie". And the ending. Oh boy the ending. It's one of the lousiest, most boring, anticlimactic and laughably ridiculous movie ending I've ever seen. What I'm trying to say is I didn't like this movie.2Don't like it
Dracula: Dead and Loving It 19953Indifferent
Drag Me to Hell 2009Oh wow, horror movies nowadays can be more than just a reel of jump scares?4Like it
Dream House20113Indifferent
Drillbit Taylor20083Indifferent
Drive20114Like it
Driving Miss Daisy1989Bruce BeresfordDamn haven't changed since 1989, proving he was told since his birth.4Like it
D-Tox 2002What is this? A shitty 'actionized' version of Agatha Christie's novel?2Don't like it
Duck Soup19334Like it
Dude, Where's My Car?20002Don't like it
Dudley Do-Right19992Don't like it
Dumb and Dumber1994 Peter FarrellyDespite what the titles reads, the movie is not about politicians.4Like it
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial1982There was one scene were kids were playing D&D and they were shown as cool kids. Man were the creators out of touch with reality.3Indifferent
Ed19961Hate it
Ed Wood19944Like it
Edge, The19973Indifferent
Elephant Man, The1980A movie to boost your self-esteem.4Like it
Elizabeth 19984Like it
Elizabeth: The Golden Age20074Like it
Enchanted20074Like it
End of Days1999Peter HyamsArnold Schwarzenegger was so tough back then that he started kicking the ass of the the Devil itself.2Don't like it
End of Watch2012I don't think they ate a single doughnut throughout the movie - not authentic enough.3Indifferent
Enfants du Paradis, Les19454Like it
Entrapment19992Don't like it
Epic Movie2007It's astonishing how untalanted every single person involved in this movie had to be. Oh it's a disaster alright. A disaster that we even have to live on the same planet as people who made this anal waste.1Hate it
Escape Plan2013Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in one movie? And there's a fight scene between them? This has to be a wet dream of a 80s action movie fan.2Don't like it
Eastern Promises 20074Like it
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 20044Like it
Eurotrip20041Hate it
Evan Almighty 2007Tom ShadyacYet another sequel to a movie that shouldn't have a sequel.2Don't like it
EverAfter1998This Cinderella story is a bit different than I recall. For example I don't remember Leonardo Da Vinci being in it.2Don't like it
Everything Is Illuminated20054Like it
Exorcist, The19734Like it
Experiment, The20104Like it
Eyes Wide Shut1999Stanley KubrickThis is an 'assy' movie, as in you'll witness a lot of asses while watching this movie.4Like it
Face/Off 19973Indifferent
Family for Christmas2015It's literally a shitier version (that's an achievement on its own) of The Family Man.2Don't like it
Family Man, The20003Indifferent
Fantasia1940I wouldn't even call this a movie, it's more like a background animation for a music concert.3Indifferent
Fantastic Four20051Hate it
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer20071Hate it
Fanny och Alexander1982Ingmar BergmanDude tells how he's happy, because he has the best wife and the most beautiful mistress... while his wife is sitting next to him… Those were the simpler times.4Like it
Fargo19964Like it
Fast and the Furious, The2001This movie was deemed "cool" back then... at least among twelve year-olds.2Don't like it
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The2006Back then I was surprised there were more than one Fast and the Furious movies, since the concept looked bland to begin with. Now there's 8 main films, with another 2 in the making, 2 spin-off films and a TV show. Welcome to the world of redundancy.2Don't like it
Father of the Bride19913Indifferent
Father of the Bride Part II19953Indifferent
Fault in Our Stars, The20143Indifferent
Fei Zhou Chao Ren1994Question: What do you do when you make a succesful movie and then milk the money cow dry with six sequels each less lucritive and more idiotic then the last one? Answer: Make a seventh sequel that almost has nothing to do witht the original movie.2Don't like it
Fever Pitch2005At least I found Tears for Fears song I've never heard before.2Don't like it
Field of Dreams1989Some people are so into baseball, they'll actually rise from the dead to play.4Like it
Fifth Element, The19973Indifferent
Five-Year Engagement, The20123Indifferent
Fight Club19994Like it
Final Destination2000It's amazing how little I care for this movie apart from it's gory "accident" scenes.2Don't like it
Final Destination 22003It sure made driving behind logging trucks uncoftable. So I guess it had some impact.2Don't like it
Final Destination 32006Where did they get the ideas for those "realistic" death scenes? Happy Tree Friends?2Don't like it
Final Destination 42009We have reached the point, where even the death scenes are laughable.2Don't like it
Final Destination 52011At this point you might be wondering: why in the hell am I still watching these movies if I don't like them. Well, I ask myself the same question every night... Actually they were on TV and I didn't have the will power to grab the remote and change the chanel.2Don't like it
Find Me Guilty2006A movie where Vin Diesel has hair, what a sight.4Like it
Finding Nemo20034Like it
First Blood19824Like it
First Kid19962Don't like it
Flight of the Phoenix2004John MooreI'm no expert in Geography of Mongolia, but I don’t think it looks like a Southern Africa, for Pete's sake3Indifferent
Flightplan2005Jesus F. Christ did they really just bluntly copied Lady Vanishes?3Indifferent
Flipped2010A movie where a girl stalks her neighbor for few years than starts smelling his hair – this character would be a perfect fit for Hitchcock’s Psycho.3Indifferent
Flushed Away2006All I remember about this movie is that I saw it on a cereal box first.3Indifferent
Forest Gump19945Love it
Forgetting Sarah Marshall20082Don't like it
Frankenstein19314Like it
Freaks1932Tod BrowningI feel like it's a little miracle that this movie got made in the 30s.4Like it
Freaky Friday20033Indifferent
Frequency2000I guess technically this is not a time traveling movie.3Indifferent
From Here to Eternity19534Like it
From Russia with Love19634Like it
Front Page, The19744Like it
Frozen2013Chris Buck,
Jennifer Lee
Every single princess in Disney movies is a singing prodigy.3Indifferent
Fugitifs, Les1986See, French people can make comedies too.4Like it
Fugitive, The19934Like it
Full Metal Jacket19874Like it
Game, The1997Mindlessly implausible, with ridiculousness-o-meter going off the charts with ludicrous ending and yet, it's still greatly enjoyable movie.4Like it
Game Plan, The20072Don't like it
Gandhi19824Like it
Garfield 2004Yeah, because live action movie is the only thing Garfield franchise was missing.2Don't like it
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties20061Hate it
General, The19264Like it
George of the Jungle19972Don't like it
Ghost Writer, The2010Roman PolanskiIf I had a ghost writer, he/she would have a really hard time writing a book, that contains something more than just a list of my excuses to procrastinate something.4Like it
Ghostbusters1984What other movie can you name that has a 100 feet tall sentient marshmallow man in it? Exactly.4Like it
Ghostbusters II19894Like it
Gladiator20004Like it
Glass House, The20012Don't like it
Godfather, The1972Francis Ford CoppolaI don't even need to say anything. This is one of the most beloved movie in history.4Like it
Godfather Part II, The1974Francis Ford CoppolaHere's the shocker… I like this better than the original one. Not by much though.4Like it
Godfather Part III, The1990Francis Ford CoppolaThey waited 16 years to end the trilogy, could've waited another 16 or even better to never actually make it.3Indifferent
Gods Must Be Crazy, The19804Like it
Gods Must Be Crazy II, The19893Indifferent
Godzilla19982Don't like it
Gold Rush, The1925Charles ChaplinThe first Chaplin movie I've seen and a great introduction to his collection.4Like it
Goldfinger1964If there's one Bond movie you should see, this is the one.4Like it
Gone Baby Gone2007Fun fact - a fictional brand was created for the movie, since no toy company would allow a representation of their product to be worn by a pedophile child murderer character. Gee I wonder why.4Like it
Gone Fishin'19972Don't like it
Gone Girl20144Like it
Gone in Sixty Seconds20002Don't like it
Gone with the Wind 1939More like gone to the fridge for the second time while watchin this movie, because damn is this movie long.4Like it
Good Bye Lenin!2003The mom wasn't the brightest person, now was she?4Like it
Good Night, and Good Luck2005Somewhere among all the archive footage there's a movie.4Like it
Good Old Fashioned Orgy, A20112Don't like it
Good Son, The1993It's funny because the son was indeed horrible.3Indifferent
Good Will Hunting19973Indifferent
Good Year, A20063Indifferent
Goodfellas1990The fellas were not that good.4Like it
Gosford Park2001Robert AltmanEverybody seems pretty chill living in the same house with an unknown murderer.4Like it
Graduate, The19674Like it
Gran Torino20084Like it
Grand Budapest Hotel, The20145Love it
Grande Vadrouille, La1966Gérard OuryIt's a ride alright.4Like it
Grapes of Wrath, The1940No, there are no grapes in the movie. In fact there's barely food at all.5Love it
Gravity2013Contrary to what the title implies there's actually very little of gravity in the movie4Like it
Great Dictator, The19404Like it
Great Expectations19464Like it
Green Mile19994Like it
Gremlins1984I still kind of fail to see why everyone is so in love with this movie.3Indifferent
Gremlins 2: The New Batch19903Indifferent
Groundhog Day19935Love it
Grumpy Old Men19934Like it
Grumpier Old Men 1995Howard DeutchNot only are the men grumpier they're also lamer.3Indifferent
Guardians of the Galaxy2014Sorry, I'm not super hero movie guy. It's still an entertaining movie though.3Indifferent
Guess Who2005And the award for the wierdest and most idiotic remake goes to…2Don't like it
Gulliver's Travels2010I really really really would like to know what were they thinking when they made this.1Hate it
Hable con Ella20024Like it
Hachi: A Dog's Tale2009There's a dog in it, which automatically makes it a better movie.4Like it
Haine, La19953Indifferent
Hall Pass 2011More like I'll pass on this movie. Hurr hurr.2Don't like it
Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The19923Indifferent
Hangover, The20092Don't like it
Hangover Part II, The20112Don't like it
Hannah and Her Sisters1986Woody AllenWhy is it HANNAH and Her Sisters, she's litterally the least important character out of all the sisters.4Like it
Happiness1998There is equally 0% of happiness in the movie.4Like it
Happy Feet20062Don't like it
Happy Gilmore1996Out of all Adam Sandler comedies I've seen so far (and I pray I won't have to watch any more) this is probably the most watchable.3Indifferent
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle20042Don't like it
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone2001This has to be the most unsafe school in the universe. Oh don't go wondering around or you'll straight up get murdered.4Like it
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets20024Like it
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban2004We have these guards that will protect you from this dangerous escaped prisoner, but they are a bit unpredictable so they might just as well kill every one of you. But what can you do.4Like it
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire20054Like it
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix20074Like it
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince20094Like it
Harvey1950Henry KosterWait a minute. This is not a prequel to Donnie Darko! I've been tricked!4Like it
Haunted Mansion, The2003Oh gosh, every little bit in the movie is made to be as annoying as possible.2Don't like it
Haunting, The19992Don't like it
Heat19954Like it
Heiress, The1949William WylerWhat is the male equivalent of barracuda, cause this movie has one.4Like it
Heist2015A shitty movie, but it redeems a little bit with one of the funniest moments in movies I've seen. A scene where they play 'epic' remix of a children song The Wheels on the Bus.1Hate it
Help, The20114Like it
Her2013Synopsis: Dude wants to bang a computer.4Like it
Hide and Seek20053Indifferent
High Noon19524Like it
Hills Have Eyes, The2006Alexandre AjaThis also the alternative title for classic Mario platformer games.2Don't like it
His Girl Friday1940Could you please speak more slowly sir?4Like it
History of Violence, A20053Indifferent
Hitchcock2012It's kind of ironic that a movie about one of the best movie directors of all time isn't that well made.3Indifferent
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The20124Like it
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The20134Like it
Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The2014They literally turned one battle scene into a full-length two and a half hour movie.4Like it
Hole, The20013Indifferent
Holiday, The20063Indifferent
Hologram for the King, A20163Indifferent
Home Alone1990If there's one movie I'm nostalgic for, it's this one.5Love it
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York19924Like it
Home Alone 319972Don't like it
Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House20021Hate it
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid 1992I'm kind of disapointed, that "blew up" does not stand for exploded, it would've certainly made movie a lot more interesting.2Don't like it
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids19893Indifferent
Horrible Bosses 20112Don't like it
Hors de Prix20063Indifferent
Hostel20052Don't like it
Hot Chick, The2002Rob Schneider is in it, you already know what this movie is like.2Don't like it
Hot Fuzz20074Like it
Hot Shots!19914Like it
Hot Shots! Part Deux19933Indifferent
Hotaru no Haka1988"Animation is for kids" - some people.5Love it
Hotel Rwanda20044Like it
Hotel Transylvania20122Don't like it
House of Flying Daggers20044Like it
House of Wax20052Don't like it
How the Grinch Stole Christmas2000Grinch didn't steal the Christmas, his attempt was unsuccessful, which means the title of the movie is false advertisement.3Indifferent
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days2003How to go insane in 10 minutes is more suitable title I think.1Hate it
How to Train Your Dragon20104Like it
How to Train Your Dragon 22014Unlike it's predecessor this does not teach you how to train a dragon.3Indifferent
Hundraåringen Som Klev ut Genom Fönstret och Försvann2013Basically a swedish version of Forest Gump.3Indifferent
Hunger Games, The20123Indifferent
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The20133Indifferent
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, The20143Indifferent
Hunt, The2012If there is one movie that'll make you hate a 5 year old, this is it.4Like it
Hurt Locker, The20084Like it
Hustler, The19614Like it
I Am Legend2007They broke one of the Ten Commandments of Movie Making - Thou shalt not kill the dog. Shame on them.3Indifferent
I Am Sam20011Hate it
I Know What You Did Last Summer19972Don't like it
I Love You, Man20092Don't like it
I, Robot20043Indifferent
Ice Age2002As a kid I thought this was one of the funniest animated movies and I watched it like twenty times. Ah, the good ol' simpler times.4Like it
Ice Age: The Meltdown20062Don't like it
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs2009I love how they totally forgot that humans existed in this universe, you know because it's an ice age, not a jurassic period.2Don't like it
Ice Age: Continental Drift20123Indifferent
Illusionist, The20062Don't like it
Imagine That20092Don't like it
Imitation Game, The20144Like it
Imposible, Lo2012Help them Spider-Man!4Like it
In America2002Your daily dose of depression is here.4Like it
In Her Shoes20053Indifferent
In the Company of Men19974Like it
In the Heat of the Night19674Like it
In the Name of the Father19934Like it
Inception2010Boy did this movie failed to live up to the expectations after all the buzz.3Indifferent
Incredible Hulk, The20083Indifferent
Incredibles, The20044Like it
Incredibles 220184Like it
Independence Day19961Hate it
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984Movies are like like families: the middle child is always the most unfortunate.4Like it
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade19895Love it
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull20082Don't like it
Inglourious Basterds20094Like it
Innerspace19872Don't like it
Inside Man2006I can't stop thinking about that fake GTA game the kid was playing. That's got to be the most hilariously looking fake video game in any movie.3Indifferent
Insider, The1999Michael MannA shocking truth has been revealed. *drum rolls* *tension is rising*… tobacco is harmful to your health.4Like it
Internship, The20133Indifferent
Into the Wild20074Like it
Intolerable Cruelty20034Like it
Intouchables20112Don't like it
Invention of Lying, The2009Maybe it's not the best comedy out there, but it's one of the more original ones.4Like it
Invictus2009It's like a Rocky, but with rugby. There is also Nelson Mandela in it, though, disappointingly, he doesn't play rugby himself.4Like it
Iron Man2008People say Tony Stark doesn't have any super powers, well they're wrong. He obviously has a power of disregarding the flow of time, I mean what's it to him to build a freaking robot suit from scrap metal, alone (with the help of an assistant), inside a cave of Afghanistan in a few weeks.3Indifferent
It Happened One Night19344Like it
Italian Job, The20033Indifferent
It's a Boy Girl Thing2006It really is a movie that Elton John would be willing to produce.2Don't like it
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World19634Like it
Jackass: The Movie20024Like it
Jackass Number Two20064Like it
Jackass 3D2010In the early 2010s eveything was 3D, even Jackass.4Like it
Jackass 3.520114Like it
Jackal, The19972Don't like it
Jacket, The20053Indifferent
Jailhouse Rock19573Indifferent
Jaws1975John Williams straight up just showed up with two notes for main theme of the movie.3Indifferent
Jerry Maguire 19964Like it
Jersey Girl20042Don't like it
Jingle All the Way19963Indifferent
Jodaeiye Nader az Simin2011I learned that Iranian justice system is quite different from the one in the western world.4Like it
John Tucker Must Die20061Hate it
Johnny English20033Indifferent
Journey to the Center of the Earth20083Indifferent
Judgment at Nuremberg19614Like it
Jumanji1995Can you buy this game on eBay?3Indifferent
Jungfrukällan19604Like it
Jungle Book, The1967Are there any jungles in the movie - yes. Is it a book - no, it's a movie. Title accuracy - 50%.3Indifferent
Junior1994A movie where a man gets impregnated and that man is Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's all you need to know about this movie.3Indifferent
Jurassic Park19934Like it
Just Before I Go20142Don't like it
Just Go with It 20112Don't like it
Just Like Heaven20052Don't like it
Just Married2003I'd rather have my teeth pulled than watch this movie. At least it wouldn't be as painful.2Don't like it
K-91989It was written by Steven Siegel. No not Steven Seagal. It's Steven Siegel. I'm possitive Steven Seagal has trouble writing his own name, let alone the script for the movie.3Indifferent
K-91119992Don't like it
Kate & Leopold 20012Don't like it
Kid Brother, The19274Like it
Kid, The19214Like it
Kill Bill: Vol. 12003A note to O-Ren's henchman: use a feking gun if you're so useless.3Indifferent
Kill Bill: Vol. 220044Like it
Killing, The19564Like it
Kind Hearts and Coronets 19494Like it
Kindergarten Cop19903Indifferent
King Kong 1933Was King it's name, cause he sure ain't royal?4Like it
King Kong20054Like it
King of New York, The19903Indifferent
King's Speech, The20104Like it
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang20054Like it
Knight's Tale, A2001High point of the movie - joust scenes, low point - Paul Bettany's hairy ass.3Indifferent
Knocked Up 20073Indifferent
Kung Fu Panda20084Like it
Kung Fu Panda 220113Indifferent
L.A. Confidential1997See Shyamalan, that's how you do a plot twist.4Like it
La La Land2016I'm baffled by the title of this movie. Is it Los Angeles Los Angles Land? Or maybe they're just making fun of a stuttering Italian.4Like it
Lady and the Tramp1955Not only do the dogs understand English better than an Italian man (according to the dog) in this universe, they can also read.3Indifferent
Lady Eve, The19414Like it
Lady Vanishes, The19385Love it
Ladykillers, The19554Like it
Laggies20142Don't like it
Land Before Time, The1988Oh come one, as a 6 year old I watched this right after Lion King. Is someone trying to scar me for life?3Indifferent
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider2001Video games to movies transitions are often as awful as movies to video games.1Hate it
Last Action Hero19933Indifferent
Last Castle, The20012Don't like it
Last Emperor, The19874Like it
Last Holiday20062Don't like it
Last King of Scotland, The20064Like it
Last Vegas2013Look at these old coots trying to remember their glorious young days. Except for Morgan Freeman, he was always old.4Like it
Låt Den Rätte Komma In20084Like it
Laura19444Like it
Law Abiding Citizen2009I rarely laugh from the idiotic script so hard as from this one.1Hate it
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The20032Don't like it
Leatherheads20084Like it
Leben der Anderen, Das20064Like it
Lego Movie, The20144Like it
Lethal Weapon1987Ah yeah, in the early days Lethal Weapon was my jam.4Like it
Lethal Weapon 219894Like it
Lethal Weapon 31992The onion eating scene is still the most shocking in the series.3Indifferent
Lethal Weapon 41998A sequel that nobody asked or wanted and guess what? It sucks.2Don't like it
Letters from Iwo Jima20064Like it
Liar Liar19973Indifferent
Life as a House20013Indifferent
Life of Brian19794Like it
Life of Pi2012That was much of a life more like a short period in life - A Few Weeks of Pie.4Like it
Lilo & Stitch20023Indifferent
Lincoln 20124Like it
Lincoln Lawyer, The2011Working title - Law & Order Feature Film.4Like it
Lion King, The19945Love it
Little Mermaid, The1989I wonder if Ariel was able to get fish stench off of her when she became human.4Like it
Little Miss Sunshine20064Like it
Little Nicky20001Hate it
Live by Night2016Not as good as Godfather, or Goodfellas, or Casino, or Once Upon a Time in America. In fact it's not as good as any memorable gangster movie, because this one is painfully mediocre with Commandos level of nonsensical action scenes.3Indifferent
Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The1935Henry HathawayOh come on, why it's the annoying characters who get to live?4Like it
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels19983Indifferent
Long dimanche de fiançailles, Un2004A movie with an identity crisis, that doesn't know whether it wants to be serious or silly.2Don't like it
Looper2013Love how they added people with telekinetic powers for no logical reason other than to fill plot holes.3Indifferent
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The2001The beginning of the biggest movie trilogy of this century (so far at least).5Love it
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The2003I was very confused back then how these movies were so popular and praised. Then I decided to finally go to the movie theater and watch this one. It gave me a thourough answer.5Love it
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The20025Love it
Lost in Translation20034Like it
Lost Weekend, The19454Like it
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The1997Apart from dinosours (which you probably already saw in the first Jurassic Park) this movie doesn't have a lot to offer.2Don't like it
Lot Like Love, A20052Don't like it
Love, Rosie 20143Indifferent
Lucky Number Slevin20063Indifferent
Machete20102Don't like it
Machinist, The2004Was this movie made to increase awareness of anorexia?4Like it
Mad Max19793Indifferent
Mad Max 219814Like it
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome19854Like it
Mad Max: Fury Road2015It's not set in Australia anymore? What the hell.4Like it
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa20083Indifferent
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted2012How does that tiger get through that tiny hole? Huh? Answer me movie creators.3Indifferent
Magic in the Moonlight20144Like it
Magnificent Ambersons, The19424Like it
Magnolia19994Like it
Major Payne19952Don't like it
Maltese Falcon, The19415Love it
Mama2013Could this movie deliver a quality experience without horror clichés that already wore off like 30 years ago? Nah.2Don't like it
Man in the Iron Mask, The19983Indifferent
Man on Fire2004Tony ScottThe movie peaks when they introduce rectal bomb.2Don't like it
Man on the Moon19994Like it
Man with Two Brains, The1983Dude falls in love with a talking brain. You might be asking what the f*ck. And it's what the f*ck indeed.3Indifferent
Manchester by the Sea2016A story about this dude around who everybody dies.3Indifferent
Manchurian Candidate, The19624Like it
Manhattan1979"Memememe" - everytime Woody Allen opens his mouth.3Indifferent
Marley & Me20084Like it
Mars Attacks! 19962Don't like it
Mary and Max2009As an animated movie it sure is different.4Like it
Mask of Zorro, The19983Indifferent
Mask, The19943Indifferent
Match Point 20054Like it
Matchstick Men2003There isn't any weird Nicolas Cage face expressions in a movie. Well, maybe a few.4Like it
Matrix, The19994Like it
Maverick19944Like it
Me, Myself & Irene20002Don't like it
Meet Dave20082Don't like it
Meet Joe Black1998A movie where Death discovers peanut butter. Exquisite.3Indifferent
Meet the Fockers20042Don't like it
Meet the Parents20003Indifferent
Meet the Robinsons20073Indifferent
Megamind20102Don't like it
Memento2000A movie with a plot twist at the time when movie twists weren’t lousily monopolized by one, everyone's beloved director.4Like it
Men in Black19973Indifferent
Men in Black II20023Indifferent
Mercury Rising19982Don't like it
Midnight in Paris20114Like it
Migliore Offerta, La2013I sense someone trying to imitate Hitchcock.4Like it
Mighty Ducks, The19922Don't like it
Minority Report2002It's like a film-noir, but IN THE FUTURE *pompous music starts*.4Like it
Misérables, Les1998A dramatic movie that takes place in midst of French Revolution, or how the French themselves would call it - a weekend outing.4Like it
Misérables, Les2012Every single character dies with the song. That's the spirit.3Indifferent
Miss Congeniality20002Don't like it
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous20052Don't like it
Mission: Impossible1996Apparently the mission was as possible as ever.3Indifferent
Mission: Impossible II20003Indifferent
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol20114Like it
Modern Times19364Like it
Money Pit, The19864Like it
Mononoke-hime1997Damn this movie is outstanding visually, narratively and in everything in-between. Deep without being Taylor Swift cringey deep.5Love it
Monsoon Wedding2001Mira NairI chart explaining every characters relation with each other would've helped imenselly.3Indifferent
Monster20034Like it
Monsters University20134Like it
Monsters vs. Aliens20093Indifferent
Monsters, Inc.20014Like it
Moneyball20114Like it
Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975Could this be the funniest comedy of all times? Perhaps, definitely one of the best.5Love it
Monuments Men, The20144Like it
Moon20094Like it
Moonrise Kingdom20123Indifferent
Mortal Kombat19952Don't like it
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation1997As a kid I was just happy to see a live action movie of one of my favorite games at the time. Oh, how naïve I was.1Hate it
Mortdecai20152Don't like it
Mr. Deeds 20021Hate it
Mr. Nobody2009All I got from this movie is that there was one cool scene where they were laying roads as it was roll out turf.2Don't like it
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington19394Like it
Mrs. Doubtfire19933Indifferent
Mummy, The19993Indifferent
Mummy Returns, The2001Mummy returned only to get his ass handed to him one more time.2Don't like it
Munich20054Like it
Muppets, The20114Like it
Murder on the Orient Express1974Sidney LumetIt doesn't matter who committed the murderous act, because the real criminal is this maniac using a knife while eating spaghetti.4Like it
My Boss's Daughter 20032Don't like it
My Cousin Vinny 19925Love it
My Fair Lady1964Maybe this movie wouldn't be 3 hours long if they would just stop singing for a second God damnit.4Like it
My Flesh and Blood20034Like it
My Best Friend's Girl20081Hate it
My Man Godfrey19364Like it
Mystic River20034Like it
Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, The1988Not a perfect movie by any means, but damn do I have a sweet spot for this type of movies.5Love it
Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, The1991And so the prophecy foretold that from now on Leslie Nielsen would only star in parodies.4Like it
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult19944Like it
Nanny McPhee20052Don't like it
National Security20032Don't like it
National Treasure2004Feed hipopatamus Raiders of the Lost Arc. Wait for it do digest and shit it out. Take the said dump, you're halfway making National Treasure.1Hate it
Nebraska20134Like it
Něco z Alenky1988Jan ŠvankmajerI must say this has to be the weirdest Alice in Wonderland movie adaptation I've ever seen and the best one as well.4Like it
Network19764Like it
New Daughter, The20092Don't like it
Next Three Days, The20103Indifferent
Night at the Museum 2006Monkey slapping scene might just be the unfunniest thing in the Universe.2Don't like it
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian20092Don't like it
Night at the Opera, A1935No it's not Queen album, although the name was a direct inspiration.4Like it
Night of the Hunter, The19554Like it
'night, Mother19864Like it
Nightcrawler20144Like it
Nightmare on Elm Street, A19844Like it
Ninth Gate , The1999What the hell was with that ending?4Like it
No Country for Old Men20074Like it
No Reservations20073Indifferent
No Strings Attached20012Don't like it
Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens1922I learned that silent horror movies can sometimes be more intimidating than their sounded counterparts.5Love it
Notebook, The20043Indifferent
Nothing to Lose 19972Don't like it
Notorious19464Like it
Notti di Cabiria, Le 19574Like it
Notting Hill1999A scene where a bloke eats a spoonful of mayo still haunts me to this day.3Indifferent
Now You See Me 20133Indifferent
Nut Job , The20142Don't like it
Nutty Professor19962Don't like it
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps20001Hate it
Ocean's Eleven2001Somehow every heist movie feels so implausible.4Like it
Old School20032Don't like it
Oldeuboi 20034Like it
Omen, The2006That kid should really stop being a dick.3Indifferent
On the Waterfront19544Like it
Once Upon a Time in America19844Like it
One Fine Day19963Indifferent
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19755Love it
One Night of Love1934Victor SchertzingerMovie script is an equivalent of three year olds arguing.1Hate it
Open Season2006You know the movie is going to be a disaster when it has a plunger wielding beer as a main character.2Don't like it
Oranges, The20113Indifferent
Others, The20014Like it
Our Idiot Brother20113Indifferent
Out of Africa19853Indifferent
Outbreak1995The 90s and it's never-ending roster of disaster movies.2Don't like it
Over the Hedge20062Don't like it
Ox-Bow Incident, The19425Love it
Pacifier, The2005What in the world was going through Vin Diesel's head when he accepted this role, because it's a top notch pile of bullshit.1Hate it
Pagemaster, The19943Indifferent
Panic Room20023Indifferent
Paper Moon19734Like it
Papillon19734Like it
Parent Trap, The1998These are some top-notch parents - "yeah these are twins let's just take one each, I'm mean, aren’t they basically the same person?".2Don't like it
Paris, Texas19844Like it
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 19733Indifferent
Paths of Glory19575Love it
Patton19704Like it
Paul 2011Why the hell did they need a CGI alien they could've just had Seth Rogen on screen.3Indifferent
Payback19992Don't like it
Peanuts Movie, The20154Like it
Penguins of Madagascar20143Indifferent
Pépé le Moko1937Not a single striped skunk in the movie. Disappointed.4Like it
Per Qualche Dollaro in Più19655Love it
Per un pugno di dollari19644Like it
Persona1966I didn't understand shit, but I think it's the way you are supposed to experience it.4Like it
Perfect World, A19934Like it
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20123Indifferent
Petit Prince, Le2015Well the animation style is definitely something new.4Like it
Phantom of the Opera, The19254Like it
Philadelphia Story, The19404Like it
Pi19984Like it
Piano, The19933Indifferent
Pink Floyd: The Wall1982Hour and a half of what the fuck is going on.4Like it
Piranha 3DD20121Hate it
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl20034Like it
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest20063Indifferent
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End20073Indifferent
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011What do you do when you end a trilogy with a below average movie? Make even shitier fourth one.3Indifferent
Pitch Black20004Like it
Pitch Perfect20123Indifferent
Planes20132Don't like it
Planes, Trains and Automobiles19874Like it
Planet 512009Apparently NASA is now hiring morons as astronouts.3Indifferent
Planet of the Apes19684Like it
Planet of the Apes20012Don't like it
Platoon19864Like it
Player, The19924Like it
Pleasantville19984Like it
Pocahontas1995Disney thought this movie will be bigger than Lion King, that's a laugh.3Indifferent
Pokémon: The First Movie19983Indifferent
Police Academy1984This movie was R rated. No joke. The wimpiest of all Rs.2Don't like it
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment1985Oh they made a second one? Unnecessary, but ok.2Don't like it
Police Academy 3: Back in Training1986And then there's the third one?2Don't like it
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol1987Who is evene watching these movies?2Don't like it
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach1988PLEASE STOP!2Don't like it
Police Academy 6: City Under Siege1989This is madness.2Don't like it
Poltergeist 19824Like it
Predator 19874Like it
Predator 219902Don't like it
Prestige, The20064Like it
Pretty Woman1990Everybody has their preferences, I would say it's more of an OK Woman.2Don't like it
Primal Fear1996Is this movie a prequel to Fight Club?3Indifferent
Prince & Me, The2004What I learned from this movie is that everybody in Denmark speaks in english. The only time when it's apropriate to use danish language is when you are curesing.2Don't like it
Princess and the Frog, The20093Indifferent
Princess Bride, The19874Like it
Princess Diaries, The20012Don't like it
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, The20041Hate it
Prisoners2013A solid movie, not great, it's just solid.4Like it
Problem Child 21991Dude made torture room out of plywood and shower.1Hate it
Prometheus2012Would you like an Alien movie without xenomorphs in it? Nope? Well here it is anyways.3Indifferent
Promised Land20124Like it
Promotion, The20083Indifferent
Proposal, The20092Don't like it
Psycho19604Like it
Pulp Fiction1994This got to be the most adored movie of the 90s.4Like it
Purple Rose of Cairo, The19854Like it
Pursuit of Happyness, The20064Like it
Puss in Boots20114Like it
Qiu Ju Da Guan Si1992Yimou ZhangA movie revolves around a woman seeking justice for her husband against whom a vile crime of getting kicked in the nuts was committed. I'm dead serious… THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE PLOT EVER!4Like it
Quiet Man, The19524Like it
Quiet Ones, The2014This might just be the most boring, uninteresting, unimaginative horror movie I've ever had a chance to witness. A borefest that has absoulutley 0 redimable factors.1Hate it
Race to Witch Mountain20093Indifferent
Radio Days19873Indifferent
Raging Bull19804Like it
Raiders of the Lost Ark19815Love it
Rain Man 1988The word I associate this movie with is "irritation".3Indifferent
Raising Helen20042Don't like it
Ran19854Like it
Rango2011My favorite character is that mole thing with a flappy wiener for a nose.4Like it
Rapture, The19912Don't like it
Rat Race2001Also known as shitty clone of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.2Don't like it
Ratatouille20074Like it
Ray20044Like it
Rear Window19544Like it
Rebel Without a Cause19554Like it
Red Eye2005A more chill Wes Craven movie… by Wes Craven standards that is.3Indifferent
Red Lights20123Indifferent
Red Planet2000I remember as a kid I always confused the names of Anthony Hopkins and Dustin Hoffman. Good thing I didn't know about the director of Red Planet - Antony Hoffman.2Don't like it
Red Shoes, The1948An outstanding movie, but for some reason didn't click with me.4Like it
Requiem for a Dream20004Like it
Reservoir Dogs19924Like it
Resident Evil 20022Don't like it
Rewrite, The20143Indifferent
Richie Rich1994The father is the richest person in the world and a good family man? This movie should be classified as fantasy.2Don't like it
Right Stuff, The19833Indifferent
Ring20024Like it
Ring 220052Don't like it
Ringu1998"WHAT? 0 jump scares? How can you even make a chilling horror movie without any jump scares? It's like trying to dance while you are paralyzed from the neck down" - lousy fucking horror movie makers.4Like it
Rio20111Hate it
Road to El Dorado, The20003Indifferent
Road to Perdition20024Like it
Road Trip20002Don't like it
Robin Hood: Men in Tights1993Meh. Definitely not my favorite Mel Brooks’ movie.4Like it
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves19913Indifferent
Rocker, The20083Indifferent
RocknRolla2008Guy RitchieThat's some incoherent writing right here. Or drunk writing, perhaps.3Indifferent
Rocky1976My personal favorite.5Love it
Rocky II19793Indifferent
Rocky III19823Indifferent
Rocky IV19853Indifferent
Rocky V19902Don't like it
Rope1948One of the best and most interesting experiments in movies.4Like it
Roseaux sauvages, Les1994Not a bad movie, it just didn't click with me.2Don't like it
Rosemary's Baby19684Like it
Running Man, The19874Like it
Rush Hour 19982Don't like it
Rush Hour 220012Don't like it
S1m0ne2002What kind of movie title is Sonemzerone?3Indifferent
Salaire de la Peur, Le19535Love it
Sátántangó1994Béla TarrMaybe this movie wouldn't be 7.5 hour long of every shot wouldn't last for an eternity, goddammit.4Like it
Saving Private Ryan19984Like it
Saw20042Don't like it
Saw II20052Don't like it
Scaphandre et le Papillon, Le 2007Dude wrote an entire book just by blinking, what the shit?4Like it
Scarface19834Like it
Scary Movie20003Indifferent
Scary Movie 220012Don't like it
Scary Movie 320034Like it
Scary Movie 42006Maybe some toddlers would find this one funny... maybe.2Don't like it
School of Rock, The20033Indifferent
Scorpion King, The20022Don't like it
Scream 420113Indifferent
Se7en1995What kind of title is Sesevenen?4Like it
Secondhand Lions 2003I am almost certain this movie was written by a 10-years old, what a 'cringy' mess.2Don't like it
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The20134Like it
Secret Window 20043Indifferent
See No Evil, Hear No Evil19893Indifferent
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World 20123Indifferent
Seeking Justice2011Nicolas Cage movie. I don't even need to say anything more these days.2Don't like it
Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi20015Love it
Sense and Sensibility19954Like it
Series of Unfortunate Events, A20044Like it
Seven Psychopaths20123Indifferent
Sex Tape2014You can rarely witness a desperation level of screenplay writers of this magnitude.2Don't like it
Sgt. Bilko19963Indifferent
Shadow of a Doubt 19434Like it
Shaft19712Don't like it
Shaggy Dog, The20061Hate it
Shallow Hal 2001A defining word of this movie is already in the title.2Don't like it
Shanghai Noon 20003Indifferent
Shark Tale20041Hate it
Shaun of the Dead 20043Indifferent
Shawshank Redemption, The19944Like it
Shen Nu1934A silent era of cinema prolonged in China a bit.4Like it
She's Out of My League20102Don't like it
Shichinin no samurai19545Love it
Shining, The19804Like it
Showtime20022Don't like it
Shrek2001Damn Shrek was a big thing in computer generated animation back then.4Like it
Shrek 220044Like it
Shrek the Third20073Indifferent
Shrek Forever After 20103Indifferent
Shutter Island 20104Like it
Sideways2004Ever wanted to see dude's dick squishing against car window? Well now you have a chance.4Like it
Signs20024Like it
Silence of the Lambs, The19914Like it
Simpsons Movie, The20073Indifferent
Sin City20054Like it
Singin' in the Rain1952What a musical with so much character? Is this even real?4Like it
Sister Act19922Don't like it
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habi19932Don't like it
Six Days Seven Nights19983Indifferent
Sixth Man, The19972Don't like it
Sixth Sense, The1999My sixth sense tells me I should rather be watch something else.3Indifferent
Sjunde Inseglet, Det19574Like it
Skammen19684Like it
Sleuth19724Like it
Slumdog Millionaire 20084Like it
Smultronstället1957I thought this movie will provide me with some recipes on how to make a top notch strawberry jam. Disappointed again.4Like it
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs19373Indifferent
Social Network, The2010David FincherIf someone comes up to you, says that they have a genious idea that starts with 'It's a website like Facebook, but better…', don't start rolling your eyes, because, according to this movie at least, this is how origingal Facebook was conceived.4Like it
Something Borrowed20112Don't like it
Sorority Row20091Hate it
Sound of Music, The1965The jolliest movie set during Nazi invasion.3Indifferent
Source Code20113Indifferent
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 19995Love it
Space Jam19964Like it
Speed1994Yet another mindless 90s action movie… just the way I like it.4Like it
Spider-Man 220043Indifferent
Spider-Man 320073Indifferent
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron20023Indifferent
Splendor in the Grass19614Like it
SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, The20152Don't like it
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The2004What can I say, I love me some Spongebob.5Love it
Spotlight20154Like it
Spy Hard19963Indifferent
Spy Next Door, The20101Hate it
Stagecoach1939John FordIn movies even if you are criminal, who just murdered three people for example, all your crimes can be forgiven, even in the eyes of the state, if you found true, like a prostitute you've met 30 hours ago.4Like it
Stalag 1719534Like it
Stand by Me1986Aaaand now I have that damn song stuck in my head.4Like it
Star Trek2009I can only imagine the collective orgasm in the theaters when Leonard Nimoy appeared on the screen.4Like it
Star Trek Into Darkness2013At this moment I haven't watched a single Star Trek episode, hell the only thing I have watched is 2009 movie, but shouldn't Star Trek be more imaginative than this?4Like it
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace19992Don't like it
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones20022Don't like it
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith20053Indifferent
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope1977Man was I confused the first time I saw this movie long time ago, thinking I somehow missed three movies, before this one.5Love it
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back19805Love it
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi19835Love it
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens20153Indifferent
Station Agent, The20034Like it
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot1992The title should also be included as a warning before the movie starts.2Don't like it
Strada, La19544Like it
Strange Days1995Kathryn BigelowAll the 90s cliches - check.
Incredibly predictable - check.
Highly entertaining - check.
4Like it
Strangers on a Train 19514Like it
Streetcar Named Desire, A19514Like it
String, The19735Love it
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927Widely considered to be the greatest film of the silent era. I personally think this title belongs to The Boob (1926).4Like it
Sunshine2007If you do enough pushups, you'll be able to lift a grown man with one hand according to this movie.4Like it
Super Size Me20043Indifferent
Superman Returns20063Indifferent
Surviving Christmas2004Ironically you'll feel like a survivor after watching this movie.2Don't like it
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street20073Indifferent
Sweet Home Alabama2002One of the characters was gay… in Alabama… and everyone was ok with that… riiiight…2Don't like it
Sweet Smell of Success19575Love it
Take Me Home Tonight20113Indifferent
Taken 2 20123Indifferent
Tangled2010She must have the fastest growing hair in the world. Damn you want to say she grew like 50 feet of hair in mere 18 years?3Indifferent
Taxi20041Hate it
Taxi Driver19764Like it
Team America: World Police20044Like it
Ted20122Don't like it
Ten Commandments, The1956You'll be as old as Moses once you finish watching this movie.3Indifferent
Terminal, The20044Like it
Terminator19844Like it
Terminator 2: Judgment Day19915Love it
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines20033Indifferent
Thank You for Smoking2005A movie that is more likely to demonize the opponents of cigarette industry? Do I hear a controversy?4Like it
Thelma & Louise19914Like it
Theory of Everything, The20144Like it
There Will Be Blood20074Like it
There's Something About Mary1998A movie where Ben Stiler plays a loser. What else is new?3Indifferent
Thing, The19824Like it
This Is 4020122Don't like it
This Means War20122Don't like it
Thousand Words, A2012It feels like the idea had potential for funny comedy, but then the they hired the most boring writers in the industry.2Don't like it
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri20174Like it
Three Fugitives19892Don't like it
Three Musketeers, The19933Indifferent
Tin Men19874Like it
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy2011I'm pretty sure this is a movie adaptation of Spy vs Spy.4Like it
Titicut Follies1967Frederick WisemanAll of the sudden my living place doesn't seem so bad.4Like it
Todo Sobre Mi Madre19993Indifferent
Tom and Jerry: The Movie1992How to completely ruin a classic cartoon 101.1Hate it
Tooth Fairy20102Don't like it
Tootsie1982Sydney Pollack4Like it
Touch of Evil 19585Love it
Toy Story1995This raises a lot of questions of how things work in toy world.4Like it
Toy Story 21999When Woody tore his arm, he wasn't able to move it, proving my theory that every toy has a functioning nerve system.4Like it
Toy Story 32010Perfect ending for trilogy, until Disney's greed kicks in.4Like it
Traffic20004Like it
Training Day2001There was training and it took exactly one day, so the title is accurate.4Like it
Trainspotting19964Like it
Transformers20072Don't like it
Transporter, The20022Don't like it
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The19485Love it
Treasure Planet2002"What do you mean there's no oxygen in space?" - screenwriter of Treasure Planet2Don't like it
Trouble with the Curve20124Like it
True Grit2010So the only antagonist with a substantial damage was a snake.4Like it
True Lies19944Like it
Truman Show, The19985Love it
Turbo20131Hate it
Tuxedo, The2002I feel embarrassed for everyone involved in this.2Don't like it
Twelve Monkeys19954Like it
Twins19882Don't like it
Unbearable Lightness of Being1988Philip KaufmanIt's unbearable alright.3Indifferent
Umberto D.19524Like it
Unforgiven1992Clint EastwoodUnofficially a sequel to 'Dollar trilogy'? Perhaps.4Like it
United 932006Well things becomes less tense when you know the outcome.4Like it
Up2009How was Charles Muntz still alive after all this time and how old is he? These are the questions that keeps me awake at nights.5Love it
Up in the Air2009So, does that company fire their own employees or do they hire some other company? But then who fires their employees? Is there a never-ending chain of companies firing employees of other companies? Well, I guess a firing them yourself could in theory break the chain...4Like it
Usual Suspects, The19954Like it
V for Vendetta20054Like it
Van Helsing20042Don't like it
Vanilla Sky20013Indifferent
Vertical Limit2000Martin CampbellThe only movie I saw in the theater twice. What was I thinking?2Don't like it
Vertigo1958Suspense of all suspenses from the master of suspense.5Love it
Visit, The20153Indifferent
WALL-E20084Like it
Wanted20082Don't like it
War of the Worlds 20053Indifferent
Ward, The2010Is this movie competing for "Most Generic Horror Movie Ever" award? A movies as bland and cliché as this comes once in a blue moon.2Don't like it
Warrior20114Like it
Watch, The20122Don't like it
Watchmen2009I should stop thinking about this movie, because the more I think about it the more laughably shitier in my mind it gets.3Indifferent
Waterworld 19952Don't like it
We Bought a Zoo20114Like it
What Dreams May Come19983Indifferent
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?19624Like it
What Happens in Vegas2008Tom VaughanThis movie should've listened to it's own title and just stayed in Vegas.2Don't like it
What Lies Beneath20003Indifferent
What to Expect When You're Expecting 20123Indifferent
What Women Want20002Don't like it
What's Your Number?20112Don't like it
White Noise2005Geoffrey SaxIronically watching a static white noise would be more entertaining.2Don't like it
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?19664Like it
Whole Nine Yards, The20003Indifferent
Whole Ten Yards, The20042Don't like it
Wicker Man, The20062Don't like it
Wild2014Jean-Marc ValléeThis woman went on one thousand one hundred mile hike? With a huge backpack? For me going to the next room is a hike of a lifetime4Like it
Wild Bunch, The19694Like it
Wild Hogs20072Don't like it
Wild Wild West 19992Don't like it
Willow19884Like it
Wish I Was Here2014Zach BraffThe best thing this movie managed to deliver is a song called So Now What by The Shins.3Indifferent
Witness for the Prosecution1957Billy WilderThis movie is a wet dream of M. Night Shyamalan, because of the big plot twist. There's even a disclaimer at the end of the movie asking for viewers not to reveal the plot-twist for people who hasn't seen the movie yet. DAMN.5Love it
Wizard of Oz, The19394Like it
Wo hu cang long20004Like it
Wolf of Wall Street, The20133Indifferent
World's End, The20134Like it
Worlds Fastest Indian, The2005Roger DonaldsonIt's without a doubt the most positive movie in existence. Nothing negative happens and even if it does happen it shortly turns into twice as positive outcome.3Indifferent
Wreck-It Ralph20124Like it
Wrestler20084Like it
Wrong Man, The19564Like it
Wrongfully Accused19983Indifferent
X-Men2000Bryan SingerI wish I had super natural powers, like waking up in the morning without a headace.3Indifferent
X-Men: The Last Stand20063Indifferent
X: First Class20114Like it
Yes Man20083Indifferent
Yip Man2008Wilson YipSomething tells me the real life events were tad fantasized. Like that scene where Yip Man fights a japanese general in Street Fighter style.4Like it
Yojimbo19615Love it
You Don't Mess with the Zohan2008Yeah, don't mess with the Zohan. In fact stay away from him and his shit for the movie as far as possible.1Hate it
You, Me and Dupree20063Indifferent
Young Frankenstein19745Love it
You've Got Mail19983Indifferent
Zero Dark Thirty2012Man they spent like shit-ton of money on this mission, huh?4Like it
Zodiac20074Like it
Zootopia2016This is like a furries' wet dream comes true.4Like it